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Valheim Fermentation: How to Build a Fermenter?

valheim fermentation

I’m going to give you a few tips here to get started so that you can last longer in all the different Biomes that Valheim has to offer you will need to craft a cauldron and put it over a flame and you will need to make a fermenter and these aren’t too difficult to make to get your cauldron going you’re going to need 10 tins found on the shores in that it’s really easy to track down the tin. The ingredients needed to craft the Fermenter are:

  • Fine
  • Wood Bronze
  • Resin

To go get your copper and melt those down together and find would you know just find the according to trees find those birds trees line around get as much as you can. Once you’ve got these established you’re going to unlock through crafting picking up different ingredients. You’re going to log different need bases. And these Mead bases are exactly what you need to get Bob sore help with healing about that.

You’re going to need it over time. So make sure you’re picking up all the different ingredients you come across you never know. For recipe involve time. So always Harvest something if you’ve never seen it for the first time and just kind of like store everything once you’ve made your meat base accordingly, you’re going to put in your fermenter and it takes about 2 in-game days.

I believe we’re usually out doing things while that’s happening, but it’s going to be so essential for you as you’re playing the game the frost resistance as we talked about before is going to help you stay alive on the mountain until you get your wolf armor healing potions. They’re so Important because sometimes you just need to pop one-off in the middle of the fight so you don’t die.

You don’t want to lose all your gear in the middle of nowhere stamina potion is also important. If you’re out of stamina and you’re in the middle of a fight or you need to run going to want to use one of those and again poison resistance so important if you’re doing the swamps, especially Solo or your farming the Crepes to get your iron in that this is such an essential potion to have as well as when you’re fighting bone mass.

So make sure to keep these in mind there are Minor and medium ones that we found so far. There are it’s just kind of important overall that you’re going to need these to make your journey that much easier and to live longer we want you to survive in this game. Make sure you’re collecting everything and also collect honey.


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