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Valheim How to kill the Stone Golem? Complete Guide

valheim kill stone golem

How to defeat the Valheim stone golem. So there are two variations. There’s the spike and there’s the boulder hand and this one You need to go in the spike and use a shield which is level 3. You need to be using the Valheim Bonemass buff this fight because I don’t know if you guys have actually done. Boss, so let’s get straight into it. I’m going to use the shield and the pickaxe and he’s got two attacks and he’s got a like a thrusting. This is The Flash ouch.

So that’s the Slash and this is the frosting. And you’re going to be switching from Shield to pickax right a few parents. So I’m going to try and pair this switch the pickax running hit once and quickly switch to Shield unblocked. And that’s yeah actually going to be the mechanic that you’re going to be using to defeat him. The same thing goes with the boulder hand.

He also has two attacks one-handed attack and a two-handed attack and you want to evade the shit you want to evade the two-handed attack on the boulder hand and you want to Harry the one-handed attack. So it’s kind of like this one like her the small move touch the baby. And the good thing about the pickaxes that he is vulnerable to it. He’s got a weakness to it, which is what we’re doing so well. This is basically how you do it. And for killing him you get three Valheim crystals on this one.


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