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Valheim Frostner Hammer: How to get it? Guide

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In this guide, we will talk about an amazing one-handed hammer that in-game now this is the Valheim Frostner Hammer and we are going to show you how you need to go about getting it and how to craft it.

Fight the first boss with it now this is by no means a bad mace and we able to do this very quickly again we pretty far into the game and we leveled pretty well but we just wanted to show you the speed difference between the iron mace that is fully upgraded and the frostner mace it is very very quick with the frostner mace much quicker than it is with this iron mace.

You have it that’s the end of the fight with the iron mace so let’s jump over and see how quickly i can actually do this with the frostner mace or the frostner hammer it looks more like a hammer but it does do the blunt damage and it is one-handed so it goes in the mace or club category but here we go running right in and we do get an amazing hit on him it’s coming up right uh right there it was that was a pretty amazing hit we don’t know if we got a little bit of extra damage for knockback but that’s the end of the fight it’s much much quicker than with the tier 4 iron mace.

You’re going to need 10 ancient bark 30 silver 5 emir flesh and 5 freeze glands so you’re not going to be getting this mace until you get to the frozen area and if you’re not super lucky to find silver just as you’re running around you are going to need to defeat the third boss in order to get the wishbone so that you can find the silver easily the emir flash you actually get from the trader so as long as you’ve found the trader you can buy that at any point in time it costs 120 gold per emir flesh and then the freeze glands you get from fighting the drakes again in the frozen area and what you have to pick up in order to learn the mace is simply picking up a silver ingot so you pick up silver you put it in the smelter and then once it’s melted and you pick up that ingot that’s what’s going to actually teach you the frostner mace now if you haven’t found the trader.

The Valheim trader has to sell what it does and then we also going to show you a way to find the trader. So let’s look at the stats for the frostner now mine is upgraded to level 2 when we took this screenshot but what we want to show you is the frost at 46 and the spirit at 20.

Now what those things are is they are additional effects that happen against enemies so the frost is actually going to slow down any enemy that’s alive so any living enemy is going to be slowed down by frost so if you don’t kill them they are going to be slightly frozen in place for a period of time the spirit is actually kind of like a poison against anything that’s dead so it does damage over time and it ticks away at their health.

Now we know this might sound like it’s kind of an expensive weapon to craft but trust me when we say this thing has really changed the way that we able to play the game you can see the fulling that we fighting right now just is stuck in place and has no opportunity to even hit me now we definitely not going to say that this weapon’s overpowered in any way it does level the playing field a little bit if you’ve had the opportunity to run across these laffy pants yodas you know exactly how hard they can be to defeat and this actually in a one-on-one encounter ends up doing pretty well against them however if you get overwhelmed with this thing you still end up just getting wrecked by these little guys we don’t know how they’re so strong or powerful or why they’re always laughing when they’re running after me but this it definitely helps in taking care of those guys we can tell you what though the little laffy pants guys do not terrify me as much as their big brother the brute that you can see off in the distance there scares the living.


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