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Valheim: How to Find Trader

Valheim How to Find Trader

How to find the traitor the trader holder spams on a random location on the map. As long as it’s black forest biome. It can be on the same island you start the game, but for us it was on the second island on the same island that the second puzzle of the game. Elder was located. Once you are close enough to the trader. You can see its icon on the map currently at the Early Access version. I’m playing Tetris else you six different items.

Alright, so step one starts here at the main screen. All you’re going to have to do is hit start game take your main character with all your armor and your tools and whatever its start and then you’re going to start a new world.

I will make sure that you know exactly where to go. But anyway, just head straight South So really quickly if you’re running down and you go straight South out of the sacrificial Stones, you’re going to run into the mountain biome. If you just start running a little bit to the east you’ll just be able to run straight around it.

So right here you’re going to run into some water. Just follow along the coast of this big long white ass River and we’re just going to keep heading down south So eventually heading south. the Valheim mountain biome following the coast all the way down until.

Once you get across you’re going to be all of a sudden in the black forest, and you’re just going to keep heading south and about here. And here we are right where is little bag indicator pops. You’ll see Hall door and just really quickly so that way. You need to have gyms Amber.


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