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Genshin Impact KFC Collab New Skin Cracks Down!

genshin impact kfc collab

Genshin Impact first collaboration with gentian impact no one saw this coming it’s only been a few months to get a collaboration. KFC and Genshin impact collaboration that says is going to be taking place March 8th, 2021 d luke’s dressed up noel’s dressed up now, unfortunately, I do believe that this is china only china exclusive and it’s not actually a noel skin or a d luke skin it only shows off that we have a glider so it’s not going to be a d luke or a no wall skin it’s just going to be a glider it’s going to be China only.

Get a global collaboration with Genshin impact or with KFC for this or if it’s going to be just china exclusive kind of like how arc knights were because I think arc knights also had a KFC collaboration and that was only china they never brought it to global attention impact obviously I think it’s a lot bigger than arc nights maybe there’s potential what do you guys think let me know either way this is kind of cool it’s only a glider but at the same time there’s hope right there is hope that eventually, we are going to be getting character skins costumes for the characters and who knows maybe this imagine china gets the glider skin and then global.


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