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Ganyu Genshin Impact Character

Ganyu Genshin Impact Playable Character Today we're going to talk about DPS Ganyu who is actually insane DPS Ganyu is…

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Genshin Impact KFC Collab New Skin Cracks Down!

Genshin Impact first collaboration with gentian impact no one saw this coming it's only been a few months to get…

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Genshin Impact Wish Upon A Lantern Guide

The new genshin impact wish upon a lantern event is life this event lets you draw a random number of…

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Diana Genshin Impact

Diana Genshin Impact Playable Character Diana is a new cryo Archer that was introduced in patch 1.18. He is an…

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Diluc Genshin Impact

Diluc Genshin Impact Playable Character Diluc is a melee fighter that uses a Greatsword and Pyro Elemental abilities to deal…

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Chongyun Genshin Impact

Chongyun Genshin Impact Playable Character Chongyun a base character that uses the great sword and cryo abilities to deal damage…

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Bennett Genshin Impact

Bennett Genshin Impact Playable Character Even though Bennett doesn't require much planning when it comes to attack more enemies. There's…

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