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Fortnite Chapter 3 Toy Biplanes Fortnite locations


If you’re seeing this, you’ve just stumbled across the Fortnite community news on fortskins.org. If that doesn’t ring any bells, perhaps you should think back over the last month or two. There was a game, some fuss about it, and a crazy amount of revenue generated. What am I talking about? Fortnite, obviously.

Those who played Fortnite during the last few weeks may have noticed some biplanes dotted around the map. With today’s update on fortbang.info, players can discover a hidden challenge by visiting various biplane locations. When they find all three planes in the same match, they will complete a challenge which rewards them with 18,000 XP to level up in the game.

Here are the Toy Biplane locations in Fortnite.

Location one: Condo Canyon

First, go to the northwesternmost gas station. You’ll find it after traveling a short distance, on the outskirts of the town. It’s at the end of that road — you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see that little old man leaning on his cane and spitting red juice into the muddy soil. When you get there, go to the back of the building.

In Super Mario Odyssey, players can find 3 biplanes hidden throughout the Wooded Kingdom. One of them is in the northeasternmost house on this point of interest — nearby a chair close to the Drawing Room.
Another one is located on the valley near the river, sitting neatly aside a chair near the Drawing Room.

Location two: Greasy Grove

The first plane on the left is located just below a workbench in the gas station area, next to the ice cream shop. Fly around for a bit and you’ll find it!

The second plane is located in the ice cream shop, at the back of the area under an umbrella; fly around for a bit and you’ll find it!

The third plane is located in park. It’s under the slide!

Location three: Sleepy Sound

Heading to Sleepy Sound? Looking for a place to find your biplane decoration? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!
First, look for the swimming pool on the southeast side of Sleepy Sound. Turn left, and you should easily spot the ride by the pool. That’s where we have Biplane No. 1 hiding!
Next up, head inside Noms — it should be on the ground floor behind some toy shelves.


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