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5 Best Winter Themed Fortnite Christmas Skins

fortnite christmas skins

Fortnite is known for its holiday celebrations, with the most recent one being Christmas. This year’s winter skin collection includes many of these past Fortnite Christmas Skins like Lieutenant Evergreen and Yule Trooper but also ones that are rather unique such as Merry Marauder or Gingerbread Raider! If you’re looking to spice up your game experience there are new cosmetics coming soon so prepare yourself because it might be time once again for some gifts under our tree…

Fortnite Winter collection Skins

5. Christmas Colors for Toona Fish

Christmas Colors for Toona Fish

Last year, Toona Fish the customizable skin from Chapter 2 Season 8 was completely colorless until players chose some of their own. This time around though they will be fitted with a blue and red palette that perfectly fits into this Holiday season!

4. Elf

elf fortnite skin Christmas

Elf is one of the most famous Christmas movies of all time, but it’s a big letdown that not even Buddy himself has been given an opportunity to be reunited on screen. A collaboration with Fortnite would allow them create “Buddy The Elf” skin and no other elves could compare! He might as well just pop up out of nowhere any minute now for goodness sake–insert your own excitement here because we’re counting down until 2017 holidays start rolling around again…

Elf may have some potential as far as being remade into something else goes: namely another cosmetic called ‘elf’. It still feels very incomplete without actual elf himself however so hopefully this year brings us good news *crosses fingers*.

3. Frosty the Snowman

fortnite Frosty the Snowman

The perfect Fortnite skin for the holidays is a snowman. What better way to celebrate winter than with this cuddly, yet colorful character?

Frosty doesn’t just come around during Christmastime; he’s one of those staple seasonal symbols that never goes out of season–and we’re not talking about presents under trees or carols being sung by overenthusiastic children (although both would make excellent additions). His signature white hair and evergreen attire give him personality as well! Plus there are plenty skins available if you want something more festive like Gingerbread Man or even Candy Cane Colleagues…but let’s be real: who has time for all those orange items when they could simply use

2. Frosty Battle Hound

fortnite Frosty Battle Hound

This is a great idea. The Frosty Legends pack has been released, but it only includes three Fortnite skins and the most iconic one isn’t included; namely Battle Hound whose Molten variant should be part of this as well. I predict that many players will purchase an additional copy just so they can get their hands on those other two legendary suits!

1. Santa Claus

fortnite Santa Claus

Santa Claus is easily recognizable as the embodiment of Christmas. There are many movies and TV shows that involve this iconic figure, but what makes him great isn’t just his significance in popular culture; it’s also because he transcends media – so a collaboration wouldn’t be necessary for Fortnite! Why don’t we get something like Sergeant Winter though? That one seems too similar to other characters created without homage paid towards Santa himself.


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