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Fortnite Enter The Zero Point Challenge Guide

Fortnite Zero Point LOCATION

The Fortnite new challenge this week we have the challenge to Enter The Zero Point Fortnite. You need to do is fly over to the desert area here sort of by the coliseum and where tilted towers sort of used to be and you’re going to notice that there is a giant like an orb in the center of the sky.

This is basically in the middle of the pond area that used to also be here and all you guys need to do is make sure that when you’re gliding that you actually fly straight through this is basically what they mean by the Fortnite Zero Point now once you fly through you’re going into a sort of like another dimension for a few seconds and then eventually you’re going to drop down to the floor so it doesn’t really do anything.

You will maybe notice is that you do have 50 shields after coming out now this might be a pretty decent strategy for the winner in arena what you could do is jump through the zero point and then immediately get the three chests that spawn below and you’d be pretty much ahead of everyone else you’d already have a few guns you’d have more shield than everyone.


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