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Valheim Queen Bee: How to Find Queen Bee & Get Honey Beehive Guide

valheim queen bee

First thing is to find queen bees for you to be able to craft beehives with your hammer in this game. Look for existing beehives in abandoned houses the militias and gather the queen bees. These abandoned houses can be found in The Middle’s biome, but can also be found in other biomes.

So check out for beehives during your exploration trips. I even found some at the border of the black forest and Valheim Mountain biomes. You have different ways to destroy the beehives. You can either attack it with a weapon for which I would then recommend using a bow to avoid the bees to sting you. Or you can simply be the workbench adjacent to the abandoned house then demolish the structure supporting the Beehive with your Hammer.

Once you have collected some Queen D’s it is time to build your own beehive. You only need Simple Wood and therefore it can be built very early in the game when building these beehives you need to find good locations in order to do so in my experience what is recommended is to ensure that Is no roof above the Beehive and Elevate the beehives above the ground then you need to verify that your bees are happy by clicking on the behind.

You can then Harvest up to two honey per day per beehive and considering that each meat-based recipient The Cauldron costs 10 honey bears. You definitely need more than one behave in your home state some quick tips.

  • Honey can also be eaten as a simple.
  • It only has 20 Max health and 20 Max stamina for 300 seconds, which is low compared to other simple Foods.
  • Also, note that the Beehive can store a maximum of four, honey.

Therefore you should plan on harvesting your honey at least every two days. Lastly, a bonus tip is that I recommend not building your beehives at the proximity of your perimeter Palisade because when trolls will attack your base, they could demolish the beehives.


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