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Valheim Cart How To Use and Build!

Valheim Cart

In this guide, you will learn how to build Valheim Cart in detail and step by step. It is important that you don’t miss anything.

Build A Workbench

So the first thing that you need to do is build a workbench which you more than likely already have and if you don’t it only takes 10 would so go chop down some trees next you’re going to need to build the forge for this you’ll need copper. Cole Stone and wood and you’ll need to build it in the vicinity of your workbench for the copper. Just simply go mine some copper ore deposits that are scattered all over the black forest. And we’re going to smelt them into Egan’s here in a second. That’s a InGaAs ingot for Cole.

Build A Fire Kiln

You need to build a fire Kiln build the Kiln with stone and circling cores in the early game your best method at finding Serling cores will be in the burial Chambers in the Black Forest. There are several scattered.

Route, so you should be able to gather them pretty quickly. Once you have the Kiln built fill it up with wood. The Kiln in return will spit out coal after you have the amount that you need to build the forge set it aside and then build your smelter. This will also require certain cores and stone once it’s up. You need to smelt that copper or throw or into the left side and throw the coal into the right side to give it fuel.

You need six copper ingots in the Fords. Spits at about every 30 seconds or so an Ingot for you. So it may take a couple of minutes once they’re out you now have everything that you need for the forge. So go ahead and graphed it.

Craft Bronze Nails

You need to craft only one set of bronze nails to make the cart for bronze. You’ll need to gather some ten or if you still have copper ingots already leftover 10 veins are also found in the Black Forest specifically along the shorelines and small Creek bed. Bleep throughout the island the same as before using the smelter to turn them into ingots, although for one bronze ingot.

You’re only going to need one tinning it and two copper now with that crap the bronze Nails after that you can pull up your building menu with your Hammer right there and misc you’re going to see the cart. So now that you have the cart crafted it’s important that you understand how to use it to avoid frustration to pull the cart. You need to be right in front between Wean, the two arms look at the arms and press e if you’re outside of the arms, you’re going to get an error saying not in the right position.

And if you’re a slow learner, like I am you’re going to be glad that I told you that now head to the back of the cart. You can open up its inventory and it has the same standard amount of slots that your character does. The only difference is that it doesn’t have a specification for a carry limit. So I’ve tested it out with different weights and attempted to take it over Hills.

Mountains and it looks like your best bet would be to keep the weight in the cart below a thousand pounds which is still a lot as long as you keep it under that you can still Traverse most of the terrain while still moving forward now the less you take on the faster you’ll go also it is important to eat a hearty meal before going out which you should be doing regardless, but this will give you a bigger stamina bar.


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