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Valheim Bows: How To Make A Bow Early?


Quick guide you on how to make Valheim Bows. All right, we’re going to learn how to make a boat today so we can shoot some deer with it.

Find Boars

First, off the way, you got to do is you got to find a lot of Boars. Okay, now boars are they spawn much like deer in the same locations and stuff like that. They drop something you need. So let’s go kill one another show you go in there and give them a big whack hook. Sweet drops some raw meat.


And then leather scraps, you see those leather scraps. Those are the important things you need a lot of them. So once you’re in once you’re the workbench, should I go to this workbench over here? All right, so you’ll get the crude bow. Once you find leather scraps, it won’t show up until you’ve actually found the leather scraps and then you got to get 10 wood as well.

If you can make a crude bow, and that’s all you got to do just find a bunch of Boars, and then suddenly you’ll have a bow and then you’ll automatically get arrows once you do that you’ll be able to make arrows and they’re actually fairly cheap.


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