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Valheim Bonemass Boss: How to Summon & Kill Bone Mass Boss?

bonemass boss valheim

You will need to gather withered bones 10 of them. These will randomly drop from muddy scrap piles in the swamp dungeons or just in the dungeons line around by this point. If you have full iron tools at Armor, you should have loads of Bones. If not best to get digging. I think they can drop from wraiths to but I found them to be quite rare to find only popping up at the most inconvenient times really important one here.

Take a Poison Resistance

You need to take a poison resistance to meet these last for 10 minutes each. So you shouldn’t need more than two each better to be safe than dead. These were needed crafting in The Cauldron and fermented in the barrels. If you have fully upgraded bronze or iron gear, I think that should be sufficient as for the weapon. The boss is extremely weak to and damaged so clubs maces hammers, you get the idea all other damage types will do little to no damage a common mistake when taking on this bus.

Use Honey

If you haven’t loaded more useful guides to come food as always is super important here at this stage, you’ll have access to sausages stews soups, but I would recommend one of your foods to be honey and you will get it from Valheim Queen Bee why it has the highest HP healer / Take in the game standing at five Health particular. This will really help with the poison. If you do get hit finally the location of the boss will be found at a red location Stone inside the swamp dungeons.

You should come across this by the time you have the bones required and have enough iron to equip yourself sufficiently. The boss has three main attack types first is bone mass reaching back and throwing a green blob on hitting the ground. It will spawn additional mobs deal with these as they spawn if you can with a bow next up is his AOE poison attack bone mass will throw up a cloud of yucky poison choose which you will want to stay away from as quite the radius.

So as soon as you see him start to Eve, you’ll want to get out of there. This is why the poisoned meat is so good instead of taking like a 20-second poison. It’s like five seconds ideal and if you have eaten some honey, the ticking damage should be dealt with quickly.

Sweeping Arm

He has a sweeping arm. Check this can come from the left or the right side. So watch out either run out a well-timed Dodge or blocked deal with this. He does regenerate health over time, but there isn’t too much you can do about this go Viking for Odin and that’s the whole fight keep smacking and dodging and you’ll eventually kill bone mass.

Well done on defeating bone mass. He will drop a trophy to hang it spawn. This will reduce the damage from blunt slashing and pierced damage for a good amount of time. Good to have you will also drop a wishbone. This will be equipped and we’ll help you find silver or underground in the mountains.


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