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Valheim Padded Armor & Blackmetal Weapons

valheim padded armor

Valheim Guide of how to get some of the best weapons in Padded armor we have available right now alongside how to hunt the sea serpents properly and create what is known as the sea serpent Shield. Let’s begin with the desert biome previously in the last Building completely new workbenches that you can utilize to conquer this biome. Some of you might have already explored the desert a bit before killing the dragon and unless you got super lucky. I’m assuming that trip was cut very short, but don’t worry. We know your pain what lives in the desert is some of the most powerful creatures you’ll be able to encounter right.

Now, it contains Goblins the animal known as locks and the death sceeto’s which are very true to their name as you’ll come to find out the key to surviving the desert could be as simple as making use of the biomes around it would not recommend putting Your forward operating or regular base directly inside it at night time as we mentioned before mobs get more aggressive and they’ll start spawning more and the Goblins like to spawn in packs.

Now in the goblin Villages, you’ll find one of the plants known as flax. This is a material you’ll need for crafting the desert biome armor. So you’ll need to visit one at some point. The death sceeto’s is probably the biggest reason why the planes is so dangerous, even though they glow in the dark at night.

They’re very tiny and fly pretty fast. They can be right on top of you in no time. If you’re not paying attention and despite their small sizes, they Like a freaking truck-like one-shot you and iron armor before you even know what’s happening kind of truck and that’s with multiple food Buffs.

The key to surviving them is to shoot them down with your bow before they even a growl it can fly over water to and have a pretty big Agro radius. So try to hit them by any means necessary now for the weapons, And armor, you can make from this biome, you’ll discover the recipes of black metal and padded armor for making these weapons. You’ll need to get black metal to find wood and linen thread for their armor. It’s mainly just the iron and linen thread at this point in the game.


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