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How To Find And Kill Valheim Moder Boss?

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I’ll be explaining how to find and defeat Boss Valheim Moder otherwise known as the dragon boss and funnily enough is actually a wyvern.

This part could be the hardest and may take quite a bit of exploration time to actually discover the boss’s location, but it helps to know exactly what you’re looking for. So let’s get into that.

Find Stone Structures

You’ll need to find stone structures in the mountain biome guarded by skeletons. Now, we’ve gone through almost 10 mountain ranges before we actually found this in my world seed to the point. We actually found the summoning. I’m spot for the boss before the stone that gives you the location of the summoning altar. But essentially you’re looking for a rune stone with red carvings inside of one of these stone structures that will reveal the location of motor T. Once you know, it’s location on the map. You can start preparing for your fight to summon motor.

Three Dragon Eggs

You’ll need to find three dragon eggs, and these can be found in the mountain ranges as well and are marked by their blue and purple glow which you can see a quite a distance. You’ll probably have already collected enough of these by the I’m you find the stone detailing Motors location. So we’ll move straight into the equipment that you’ll need.

I recommend a set of silver armor for this fight and a wolf fur Cape with other fights. You might get away with upgraded lower stage armor, but for this one, it can really help to have that extra Frost resistance from the silver armor motor that is going to hit you with frost damage. So anything you can bring to the fight that is going to reduce that. Will Aid you significantly this is the same reason.

I also recommend Frost resistance Meads, which can be made. In your cauldron and fermented in the fermenter is lasts for 10 minutes. So you should only need one for the entire fight and any health potions that you can bring along as well will be a huge help in terms of Weaponry Moda spends a large amount of its time in the air during the fight. So I’d recommend a Draugr Fang bow and plenty of fire arrows fire ours are going to do a heap of damage to motor aside from that obsidian arrows are also a good call for straight damage rather than the damage over time fire arrows provide mode.

Has a ground phase and an air phase during the air phase. He will he’ll ice projectiles at you. So when you see them lining up for this attack, simply Sprint to your rights or left and avoid the attack the ground phase is fairly straightforward so long as you’re able to pull them around a little and stay at range or you can bring a silver shield and that will allow you to block his attacks.

Defeating Motor

If absolutely necessary defeating motor will give you access to Black Metal crafting through the placement of an artisan table using Dragon Tears as well as a blast furnace. Furnace, which is your next crafting step.


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