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Fortnite iKonik Skin


iKonik is an Epic Fortnite Skin. iKonik is available via Fortnite Item Shop For when listed. Fortnite is a very famous game today. There are many free skins on through Battle Pass Seasons.

We have the iKonik skin with the spider shield now the spider shield are back when you don’t really see a lot of not really too many people have this We also like the spider night when it came out well we have only worn it like twice it’s a good skin but it’s not really something that people wear a lot so we figured spider shield clean back bling it’s black and red black and red goes really good in this combo big fan of it matches the channel hence why we got the skin so number one is the iKonik plus the spider shield coming into the number two spot.

We have the iKonik plus the fallen wings now this is really clean this is another combo that is really really nice I’m a big fan of it we don’t actually know if you can still get the fall in love frame to the combo that comes with these fallen wings if you can’t then it might be rare now we don’t know but it’s a really good combo here again it’s more the dark kind of style there and the wings have always been more of a sweaty of backlinks in the game

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